About us

One X Piece Intl. Trading Co., Ltd.,which established in 2004, has cooperated with over 200 factories. Exported to over 40 countries.

With more than 10 ,000,000usd turnover every year.

With Coca-cola,Disney , Sedex ,BSCI,Walmart, OEKO certificates.

Had cooperated with many brands such as :

Benz, BWM, HY, Jeep, Carhartt,Walmart, Disney, Coca-cola,edwin,NIKE,Toyota,Vivo,converse.

Main Products:
Advertising items/promotional gifts/event products

Such as:Shopping bags,cap, pen, lanyard,mugs,pu stress ball,cooler bag,Scarf, hat, flag, wig,key-chain,cheery stick,face color, wristband,horn

We accelerate the growth of brands that are innovators and change agents. Our clients are strategic, focused and driven. And they demand one thing: RESULTS.If your company is a powerful industry leader,has a strong desire to grow its brand, AND if your executive team is ready to cast a compelling vision into the marketplace,then it is time to Promote On Purpose.Come to us,we will help you promote your brand and catch people’s eyes.


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Contact: Susan Chen

Phone: +86 13860256917

Tel: +86-13860256917

Email: info@onexpiece.com

Add: w904,88th Xiangxing Road Xiangan, XiaMen, Fujian, China

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